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Dr Sukhpal Singh Gill
2 min readSep 26, 2019

The world is waking up to the grave calamity of climate change empowered by the efforts taken by young activists as Greta Thunberg. Climate change is a reality destroying complete ecosystems of living beings. Users of world wide web are increasing every day and their demand is increasing exponentially. To fulfil this demand of the users effectively, the prominent cloud providers such a Facebook, Microsoft, Google are utilizing emerging technologies and digital transformations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and 6th Generation (6G) requiring large cloud data centers. Further, expansion of cloud data centers, needs more energy consumption further enhancing the carbon emissions. The huge amount of energy consumption and the release of carbon at large scale is affecting the environment directly or indirectly in a negative way, leading to melting of glaciers, rising sea levels, ice-free Arctic as major signs of climate change. Heat release increases the temperature, in turn changing climate and creating environmental shift.

Researchers and scientists are actively working to develop new techniques by using state of the art technologies to make everything automatic and easy, but it has adverse impacts on the environment, due to the consumption of huge amount of energy and enhancement of carbon footprints and extra heat. Paris saw a record high temperature of 42.6C (108.7F) on 26th of July 2019, amid a heatwave that broke records across Western Europe. While extreme weather events like heatwaves occur naturally, “research shows that with climate change they are likely to become more common, perhaps occurring as regularly as every other year”, the UK Met Office says. A 14 August 1912 article from a New Zealand newspaper contained a brief story about how burning coal might produce future warming by adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The scientists predicted earlier the effect the carbon consumption on climate, which is now increasing with the expansion of cloud data centers which are required to fulfill the demand of users.

To solve this problem, we have explored the existing cloud data center management techniques and published an article on 360 Degree view of Sustainable Cloud Computing.

Furthermore, an innovative solution to this global challenge has been developed by our team to enable holistic resource management for sustainable and reliable cloud computing. We are expecting the implementation of this research work can help to reduce the energy consumption and production of carbon footprints while delivering the cloud service at a required level of reliability. In this proposal, we recommend an increase in the use of renewable energy as regards to the brown energy, which would help us to reduce the effect of cloud data centers on environment.

Dr. Sukhpal Singh Gill

Assistant Professor of Cloud Computing

Queen Mary University of London, UK



Dr Sukhpal Singh Gill

Dr. Gill is Assistant Professor in Queen Mary University of London. He is Associate Editor in Elsevier IoT, Wiley ETT & IET Networks. W: